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How to Cook Steak

Recently, it has come as a shock to me, that many friends & customers do not know how to cook the perfect steak. It should be no surprise. When starting this business, I had no idea how to cook a steak either.

Most people nowadays are too busy to cook. And most people think preparing steaks is difficult.

How to Regenerate Land with Grass Fed Beef

Most people will tell you that eating beef is unsustainable. For years, cows and fat have been vilified, with red meat being blamed for not only for causing cancer and heart disease, but also ruining our planet.

As is often the case, it’s the the WHAT but the HOW. Raise your cows right and it can be regenerative.

Is the Carnivore Diet Good for You?

When starting this company in 2016, I felt morally guilty. Just like everyone else, I thought that red meat was bad for you & that raising cows was unsustainable. These two opinions couldn’t be further from the truth.
From that time, I’ve now learned 1. How to raise cows sustainably (I will cover this in our next article)…

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