Returns & Refunds

1.1 The Buyer may cancel any order for Goods for any reason up to the time of order dispatch; any payments made by the Buyer before this time shall be refunded in full within 14 days by bank wire.

The Buyer may cancel any Contract for Services at any time before receiving a tracking number from the Seller. Any payments made by the Buyer before the Buyer receives a tracking number from the Seller shall be refunded in full within 14 days.

The Buyer’s right to cancel its order is void from such a time as the Seller performs its side of the Contract ie. from such as time as the Buyer receives an e-mail delivery tracking number from the Seller for the Goods. 

The above does not impact the Buyer’s right to its 100% money-back guarantee (as stipulated in 1.2 of this Return & Refund policy) as pertaining to damaged or defective goods. 

1.2 Where any claim of defect or damage is made by the Buyer, all Goods have a 100% money-back guarantee.

The Buyer shall be entitled to a replacement or a full refund (including delivery costs) plus any return postal charges if the Goods are in fact defective, otherwise damaged and/or need to be returned.

1.3 The Seller reserves the right to refuse refunds if the buyer does not provide an accurate shipping address and valid domestic phone number (an active mobile number with +48 country code).

Couriers must be provided with a valid number to ensure successful order fulfilment.

1.4 In addition, Steak Club enforces a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the Buyer is for any reason unhappy with their order, the Buyer will be fully refunded within 30 days.



1.5 Steak Club reserves the right to deny Goods & Services at its discretion. This is to prevent abuse of our Return & Refund policy. 

1.6 If, for any reason, you’re not happy with your order please either:

write to us via Whatsapp on +48 664 922 224 


e-mail us at [email protected]