Delivery Information

Latest Updates -> 31.03.2022

At the moment, orders are collected throughout the week, and orders put through on Tuesday. Packages are sent out the following day Wednesday by InPost, and your package should arrive on Thursday.

We are currently exploring next day shipping options for Warsaw.   

How is my package shipped?

All beef cuts come vacuum-packed

This is placed into a Styrofoam box to keep cool.

We are currently looking to change to a more sustainable packaging solution.

How long can I store beef in the fridge?

All beef comes fresh cut and vacuum-packed. 

All products will remain fresh for up to 3 weeks in a 5C° cooled fridge.

Burgers (as they are minced), 2 weeks is recommended.

If you would like to freeze your order, we do not recommend freezing for longer than 3-4 months.

This is not recommended however, as freezing will change the texture of the meat. The moisture in the beef expands into ice crystals, this tearing the muscle fibers.

Marinating or smoking meats are great ways to preserve meat these to consume for later.