How to BBQ Picanha Steak

Picanha is both simple to grill & delicious. All you need is hot grill, sharp knife, skewer, salt and of course picanha with all it’s fat left on.

When originally starting Steak Club, we expected Ribeye to be our best selling product.

However, picanha being a favorite of Brazilians & Portuguese, this is Steak Club’s best selling product.

We now include picanha in every bbq we organize. 

Why? The simplicity and all that amazing flavor from a nice thick cap of fat giving this cut of beef it’s flavor.

Picanha is called “Rump Cap” in English, or in German “Tafelspitz“. Introduced by German butchers in Brazil, this is a cut of beef that crosses all borders.

But we digress, the following is a quick guide for those who don’t know how to bbq picanha.

All it takes is 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Slice, Skewer & Salt

Picanha normally comes as one large piece (anywhere from 1-2 kg). 

While you could put this on the grill, the size of the cut will mean a long cooking time.

Instead, cut the picanha in 3-4cm slices (against the grain).

Then use skewers and cover with salt as seen in the above photo.

Step 2: Grill

Fire up your barbecue, with some nice hot coals.

If you don’t already know how to “man” a barbecue, be sure to have a hot side & cool side (just in case it burns).

Place the skewers over the fire.

Be sure to turn regularly so that the ends do not burn.

As you watch the fat sizzle, know that this fatty goodness is giving the beef flavor + tenderness.

You will want to pull the skewers out when the slices are cooked are rare to medium-rare.

Read our article on how to cook steak to master cooking steak & checking for tenderness.

Step 3: Wait & Slice

Now the hardest part.


By waiting 3-5 min., this will ensure all the fat is reabsorbed into the meat.

Once you can touch the beef without burning yourself, slice as in the video.

A sharp knife will ensure quick smooth cuts.

Step 4: Enjoy your perfectly bbq’d picanha

We say 4 steps, but really all it takes is 3 steps & you’ll be ready to enjoy your perfectly bbq’d picanha.

As promised, all it takes is a hot barbecue, picanha, salt, sharp knife and skewers. 

As an additional tip, we do recommend making a chimmichurri. There are many recipes, the key though, is to have add lime or vinegar.

The acidity will cut through the fatty beef when enjoying your picanha.

Here’s an easy recipe for Chimmichurri:
– 1 cup roughly cut flat leaf parsley
– 1 small shallot finely cut
– 1 clove garlic finely grated
– Teaspoon of fresh green chilli
– Teaspoon of oregano
– 2 teaspoon red wine vinegar or fresh lime juice (depends what acidity you like or what’s locally available)
– Add olive oil slowly and mix until desired consistency is achieved
Salt & fresh pepper to taste.
– Add cilantro (coriander leaves) as well for extra flavor

Have a happy BBQ, and remember, if you’re looking for picanha for your next BBQ, at Steak Club we have the best picanha in Europe.

 129.99 available on subscription

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