Best Steak I have had in Europe as well as the beef burgers OMG too delicious to describe :) Can't wait for my next BBQ party...

Pamela Gmiter

Meat quality is amazing -- especially the skirt steak. These guys know steaks.

Robert Jandura-Cessna

Best of the best, of the best, of the best!!!!
And more seriously, I have to say the cuts are excellent. The beef isn't too lean, which lets it cook perfectly on the grill. I didn't use a drop of batter, just some pepper and minimum salt. Served it with crunchy bread and salad. Amazing!

Tom Trzpil

We love the steaks and burgers from SteakClub! And, we think the service is fantastic!...Delivery is prompt and their prices are great!

Robin Blackburn

The best beef on this side of the Atlantic!

Jacek Person

Superb! The burgers are not small! I only added a hint of salt and pepper to bring out the beef flavor. Dynamite! You don't need any sauce or marinade. The steaks are incredibly tender and very fresh. Highly recommended. :)

Bryan Everett Shane

e've ordered a mix of different steaks - New York, skirt and T-bone. Delivery was quick and the steaks were so far the best we were ever able to buy in Poland. Looking forward to ordering more....

Vasil Barsakov

I have recently ordered the Picanha for the first time from the Steak Club. Delivery was quicker than I expected. The beautiful cut was vacuum sealed and packaged in a styrofoam box. I prepared the Picanha by sous vide and blow torch. All I can say that it was amazing! I highly recommend the Picanha especially at that price. I will be definitely ordering again soon! Thank you, Adam!

Mark Bendykowski

So, we got an order with the pot roast set (chuck and shin), a lot of strip steaks, some ribeyes and a rib of beef too. So far we've checked out the chuck - it cooked down really well into a super tasty chili. The strip steaks were great, they got sous vide and then seared, really nice taste to them. And the ribeyes were just awesome. Excellent meat, will order again!
Also - fast delivery, well packed, turned up ice cold and in perfect condition.

Marty Henderson

If you're looking for great beef, look no further. This is the place. Super satisfied with the product and the service. I'm already planning my next order!


Excellent quality and great friendly service. So glad I found you!

Ana Camusso

Coming from Argentina myself I know what good beef is. Finding good quality meat in Poland is no easy task. Luckily I found these guys.

Fran Pando

Awesome steaks & burgers! I'm cooking up another batch of burgers now. As a carnivorous T-Rex type, I can say this is top quality meat :)

Glen Gregory

Best meat in Europe, great service, and full belly. What more can you ask for?

Geoffrey Puzzi

Serious proteins here! Try to not get addicted, if you can!

Alessandro Petrelli

...For a true carnivore these guys are the go-to place. Second to none. And nice about it.

Krischan Beckmann

The best ribeye you can buy in this country #keto

Robert Gryn