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Congratulations, you’ve found it! A whole brisket, with full fat left on. If you live in Poland, the you know how frustrating it is to get a piece of brisket with all the fat cut off. We’re here to make sure it never happens again.

Slow-cooking is the way to go, whether you’re smoking or slow-roasting, the long cook will allow the collagen to break down. What’s left can not be described in words. The only way is to try it yourself. Order a brisket and start the fire on your smoker.. Don’t know how? Then  follow the instructions below and decide yourself. If you think 12 hours is too long, try our beef ribs. Smoking these takes closer to 6 hours, perfect for lunch when you’re halfway through cooking a brisket.  Guaranteed to fall off the bone.


Steak Club

Hard time finding quality beef in Poland? Look no further. We provide the best quality dry-aged, grass-fed, fresh-cut beef delivered straight to your door. Don't believe us? Try us today, money-back guaranteed.

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