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200g Burger Patty - Product ID: B1

What is the best burger you’ve ever had? Shake Shack? Five Guys? How about In’n’Out Burger? We’ve tried them all, and Steak Club burgers are the next best thing!

What is the secret? A quality burger patty with 20% fat and a mix of chuck and brisket. Trust us (and those that come to our barbecues), you will be making the best burgers in the country.

Once you’ve made your own Steak Club burger, you won’t want another burger unless it’s from your grill.


Grilling Tips:

  • Pat off excess moisture with paper towel (ensures crispy outside)
  • Add Salt & Pepper
  • With the knuckle of your index finger, make an indent in the middle of the burger
  • Add Worcestershire Sauce
  • Toss on the grill & cook to desired tenderness

Have fun grilling the Best burger in Poland!

Reviews (1)

1 review for Burgers

  1. Karol Domański (verified owner)

    Amazing flavor, taste and smell. Personally I cook them medium rare to retain as much fluids and nutrients as possible. These are the burgers I can truly recommend as elementary and everyday part of anyone’s keto or carnivore diet.

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