Oyster Steak

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250g Oyster Steak Raw - Product ID: SS250
Oyster Steak

Flat Iron Steak, Oyster steak or Spider steak is tender, flavorful and packs a meaty punch. Not a very well known cut, but is soft, fatty & perfect for anyone looking to enjoy steak on a budget.

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1 review for Oyster Steak

  1. Alejandro Sanchez Torres (verified owner)

    Magnificent cut. I was sceptical as the fibers don’t run so clearly in one direction and visually doesn’t look great. Cutting it properly was the key. I cut it in half and then cut it butterfly to have shorter straight fibers. Cooked to medium and it was spectacular. Tender and flavourful just like any other expensive cut. I miss more fat on it, but doesn’t make it any less worthy of a 5 star.

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