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BBQ Steak Set

BBQ Steak Set

279,99 zl


  • NY Strip - 1 kg
  • Rib-eye - 1kg

Looking for a  good amount of dry-aged steak? Then this is it. Our BBQ Steak set includes both 40+ day dry-aged  NY Strip (Striploin), as well as  Ribeye. All vacuum-packed and ready for you to cut.

Friends coming by on Saturday and you don't have an idea? Want to eat beef on a daily basis? Even an everyday steak should be delectable. No more meatless Mondays. Our Quick BBQ set includes sumptuous striploin and a savory 40+-day-dry-aged ribeye. It tastes even better than it sounds. It’s full of vitamins like zinc, iron and Bs. It’s easy to cook either on the grill, in the oven or simply in a pan. 

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