Ribeye 300g Cuts2 Large Porterhouse SteaksFillet | Uncooked } Steak ClubNY Strip - Steak Club
Super sampler set from steak club includes one of each: Ribeye 300g, Fillet 200g, T-bone 700g, NY Strip 300g
Ribeye 300g Cuts
2 Large Porterhouse Steaks
Fillet | Uncooked } Steak Club
NY Strip - Steak Club

Super Sampler Set

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Don’t know what to try first? Then the steak club super sampler set is just for you. Included are 4 different dry-aged cuts of ribeye, fillet, ny strip, and a 700g T-Bone. test Steak Club and let us show you we have the best beef in Poland. Always remember, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  Unhappy with your order? We will refund, no questions asked. We’re betting we won’t have to.



  • NY Strip – 300g
  • Rib-Eye – 300g
  • Fillet – 200g
  • T-Bone – 700g

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Weight 1.5 kg

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