Fillet of Beef


The tenderest cut available. If there was ever a steak that you would believe could melt in your mouth – this is it. It has a delectable suggestively sweet flavor with a strong buttery undertone that is surprising and satisfying. Wrap it in bacon or serve with your favorite sauces and spices. In France, this cut is called filet de boeuf, which translates to beef filet. It can be broiled or grilled, but remember to cook this cut quickly to seal in the taste. Each filet mignon is hand-selected, cut from the center of the tenderloin, aged and custom trimmed for consistency in color and quality. It’s a flavor that lingers leaving you longing for more.

Also sold as

Filet, Filet mignon, Fillet, Châteaubriand (when cut as a large, center-cut roast feeding two or more), Tournedo (when cut from the smaller tapered section of the tenderloin closest to the Rib primal).


Fillet of Beef
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