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Cold-Pressed Olive Oil (3L)

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Good cold-pressed olive oil is expensive and you never truly know what you’re buying. The olive oil you bought in the store? From Northern Italy? Then you’re buying mixed oils. Or even worse, a synthetic substitute from China.

Part of our mission, is knowing where our food comes from. On a recent trip down to the south of Italy, we visited an olive oil farm in Calabria.  There we visited  a small farm,with  10,000L olive oil production a year. Better than organic, and directly from the source. What more can you ask for?

We will be visiting next year to implement permaculture design, and renovate a place where you can stay! We’re more than Steak Club, we are a community.

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Hansa Trade

EDEN our international community of permaculture farms, gives us access to the best products directly from the source. Along with Adam Grows EDEN, we provide permaculture design servicies, allowing us to check where our products come from and ensure everything we do is environmental, ethical, and economical.

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