Extra Virgin Calabrian Olive Oil (3L)

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Experience the pure essence of Calabria with our Organic Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Olive Oil, sourced directly from a small farm producing 10,000 liters annually. Free from chemicals & synthetic substitutes, it’s a true taste of authenticity & quality.


Organic cold-pressed olive oil is expensive & you never truly know what you’re buying. Where is the olive oil you find in normal stores? Most likely blended with both North and Southern Olive oils…or even worse, vegetable oils or a synthetic substitute from China.

Our olive oil is sourced directly from a farm in Calabria, Italy. Better than organic, with no chemicals or spraying. Directly from the farm to your kitchen.

You have to try this olive oil to experience the difference between real Southern Italian Olive Oil, and the garbage they sell you in stores.

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3L Canister of Inderst Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Product ID: IOO3
Extra Virgin Calabrian Olive Oil (3L)
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