Chuck Steak



We provide well-marbled chuck steak perfect for your next pot roast, braising, slow-cooking, or stewing. Why? Chuck steak is tough, containing connective tissue (including collagen), which partially melts during cooking. By slow-cooking what can be a tough meat, stewing chuck steak for longer means the meat will be more tender. Ahh, and don’t forget that deep beefy flavor.

One other way to try this? Beef schnitzel. Well-marbled, sliced thin, egg, flour, then fry. Better than anything you will find at a restaurant. Try beefy chuck steak today.


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Hard time finding quality beef in Poland? Look no further. We provide the best quality dry-aged, grass-fed, fresh-cut beef delivered straight to your door. Don't believe us? Try us today, money-back guaranteed.

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