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Kristin Hartwell

Their steaks are fantastic, best we've had in a long time from many places around the world. Very high quality, NY strips are superb and never disappoint...Highly recommended!

Jacek Person

The best beef on this side of the Atlantic!

Robin Blackburn

We love the steaks and burgers from SteakClub! And, we think the service is fantastic!...Delivery is prompt and their prices are great!

Tom Trzpil

Best of the best, of the best, of the best!!!!
And more seriously, I have to say the cuts are excellent. The beef isn't too lean, which lets it cook perfectly on the grill. I didn't use a drop of batter, just some pepper and minimum salt. Served it with crunchy bread and salad. Amazing!

Robert Jandura-Cessna

Meat quality is amazing -- especially the skirt steak. These guys know steaks.

Pamela Gmiter

Best Steak I have had in Europe as well as the beef burgers OMG too delicious to describe :) Can't wait for my next BBQ party...


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