How to Smoke a Brisket

How to Smoke a Brisket

or 12 hours of drinking beer with friends

Smoking a brisket can be stressful. Don’t stress! Just watch the instructions below on how to smoke a brisket.

12 hours of smoking requires patience, constantly maintaining temperature around 110c, wrapping, then letting rest for an hour. After many tries we can proudly save we’ve mastered smoking a juicy brisket to perfection (yes, the pull-test was just right).

Bring beer, bring friends, you are going to be there a long time.

How to Smoke a Brisket

The following video should run you through the basics of smoking brisket. We prefer to do Texas style BBQ, plain and simple. Good luck! And remember:

If you’re looking, you ain’t cooking!

How to smoke a brisket step by step instructions:

Pat dry and coat with salt and pepper –>to avoid over peppering, grind your pepper 1-2 days before

While letting the brisket rest and come to room temperature, start the smoker and maintain a clean smoke at 110C range–> Keeping constant will ensure better smoke and smoke times

Place Brisket in BBQ fat side up, placing water pan closest to the heat source –> water pan will ensure smoke chamber and brisket more moist

Get a grill thermometer and place in middle of brisket, we will use this to monitor temperature –> You will experience what is called “the stall”.  Cooking will appear to stop and level off between 71C -77C

As the brisket smokes, remember to check periodically (2-3 hours) and check for dryness. Spray with water or apple cider vinegar to keep moist.

Around 6 hours, turn the brisket the other way.this will ensure an even smoke. Replace water in water pan if needed

Around 8-10 hours, wrap the brisket in foil or wax paper

At 12 hours, when the temperature reaches between 88C-95C, or when you feel the brisket becoming tender, take off the smoker

Let rest for 1-2 hours, or until temperature get between 60C63C

Unwrap, slice the Point end to about pencil thickness. –> Use this to make burnt ends Cut the

The flat end, cut into larger chunks

Whatever you don’t use, be sure to wrap. Brisket will dry out quickly

Any questions? Feel free to write or call. That or get invited to our next Barbecue.

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