Every Cut of Beef from English to Polish

Polish is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Between the spelling, grammar and exceptions, it’s not only foreigners who have difficulty with Polish, but even native speakers.

The funny thing is when this company was started 6 years ago, we knew nothing about Polish beef. We knew what cuts of beef were called in English, but the Polish translation can be something special.

Keep in mind, that once you learn this list, you will know more than the typical Polish person.

Even your butcher may not know some of these.

One great example is hanger steak (one of our favorites when it comes to fajitas), also known as “Świeca” in Polish. This literally means “candle“, and people will undoubtedly give you a few confused looks.

Don’t doubt yourself!

This list is built with first-hand experience and years of being made fun of. That was until we learned every beef cut there is in Polish.

We thus present to you: Every Cut of Beef from English to Polish

English Beef Cuts Polish Beef Cuts
Ribeye Antrykot
Sirloin aka Fillet Polędwica
Picanha Ogonek Dolnej Zrazowa
NY Strip Rozbef
T-Bone T-Bone
Porterhouse Porterhouse
Brisket Filet z mostka
Chuck Rozbratel
Flank Mała Baweta
Skirt Łata
Hanger Świeca
Beef Ribs Żebra Wołowe
Short Ribs Szponder
Top Round Górna zrazowa
Bottom Round Ligawa
Rump Krzyżowa
Chuck Tenderloin Nadgrzebioniowy
Bolo Skrzydło
Beef Cheeks Policzki
Beef Shank Pręga
Beef Heart Serce Łopatki
Ground Beef Mielona Wołowina
Bone Marrow Szpik Kostny
Bones Kośći Wołowe
Tails Ogony
Brain Mózg
Pancreas Trzustka
Liver Wątroba
Shoulder Blade Napleczny

If something is missing or you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with us.

Again, we know Polish is a tough language, but with this handy list either go to your local butcher or feel free to order from Steak Club

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